For manufactured Feedstock’s, TCK uses the latest “State Of The Art” equipment from our new high-tech Mixer to our Twin Screw.
We validate the Molding characteristics of our Feedstock’s by Injection Molding test samples on our standard Injection Molding Machine.
We Solvent Debind in our Vacuum System. Our Sintering takes place in our MIM 3000 Furnace which allows us to simulate actual manufacturing conditions.
This enables us to better understand the needs of our Customers and to improve our products through actual mold testing and develop new products or procedures.
Our MIM Feedstock’s are manufactured under strict quality standards and procedures.
All products are tested and inspected to insure compliance to our documented product specifications.
With each shipment and lot that TCK produces, we supply the theoretical “Green, Brown & Sintered” Densities, so that our end users have a method for validating their results.
We also supply “Actual” Feedstock Densities so that our Feedstock’s can be validated upon arrival at our customers’ facility.
To assist our customers, we include with each shipment a complete “Processing Guide” that provides a simple road map to success. TCK’s unique formulations allow us to customize any shrink or flow characteristics that our customers require. 

Product list
Typical Sinter Atmospheres & Temperatures